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Ovum Easy: Eggs Benedict, Taipei Style

For those of you that listen to our podcast, you know that this month was eggs benedict. One of the dishes I conceived of was a vegetarian eggs benny, that used asparagus instead of any meat, and latkes instead of an english muffin, since good bread and english muffins are both hard to come by in Taipei.

I started with this:


Spices included: salt and pepper (duh doi) as well as chili powder and ginger root in the latkes, and jerk seasoning (shoutout to my neighbour who gave it to me).


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So you want to make a penis out of caramel…

Today, I undertook a relatively simple baking project- making Tessa Huff’s London Fog layer cake as a thank you for my boyfriend, who very kindly took me with him to Indonesia over Chinese New Year.

The cake itself is a chocolate cake, with earl grey flavoured butter cream and salted caramel sauce. I think the final product is okay- the buttercream is a bit weird, flavour wise (boiling tea in butter is a strange process) and the salted caramel a little burnt, but the chocolate cake is really nice. And once I got on that caramel tip, I had a thought. A beautiful thought- WHAT IF I MADE A LITTLE PENIS TOPPER FOR THE CAKE OUT OF CARAMEL??

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